What do Toothpaste Manufacturers India Say about Alternative Toothpastes?


Eco-friendly skin care products are always loved by consumers. But have you heard about eco-friendly oral care products? Toothpaste manufacturers India know the benefits of using alternative toothpastes and in this article; they will talk about these alternatives and their benefits in brief. Read this article post and find what they have to say about these options.

  • Charcoal

Manufacturers are using charcoal as an active ingredient in production of toothpaste. This black substance can really help whiten your teeth. If you use raw charcoal, its abrasiveness helps removes stains from the teeth. The main reason behind cavities is the growth of bacteria in the mouth that use sugar from the food to form acid.

By using charcoal, you can raise the pH level in your mouth. It helps neutralize these acids.

  • Baking Soda

This ingredient is also used by manufacturers in the making of any toothpaste. Baking Soda is a beauty staple product that serves the base of several DIYs and alternative toothpastes. But, you must know that it only removes the plaque and not the bacteria. You can use this alternative toothpaste occasionally because too much of baking soda application on teeth can damage the enamel.

  • Bentonite clay

You may ask how people can brush their teeth with dirt. Bentonite clay is abrasive enough to remove the plaque and doesn’t harm your enamel. Just like charcoal, Bentonite clay helps raise the pH of your mouth, making it more challenging for bacteria to grow.

  • Kaolin clay

This is also known by the name of China clay. Kaolin clay is usually used by skin care products manufacturers to prepare face masks, but today, toothpaste manufacturers are also making use of this ingredient. Kaolin is rich in minerals and is very smooth and gentle on the teeth. It offers similar benefits like Bentonite clay.

  • Coconut oil

Oil pulling is a traditional way to clean your teeth. You can use coconut oil as it treats oral candida infections.

  • Sea salts

Sodium is next best ingredient that helps in cleaning your teeth. Sea salts can raise the pH in the mouth temporarily, which makes it tougher for bacteria to grow.

All these options can be used as toothpaste alternatives by human. Toothpaste Manufacturers India are making use of these active ingredients in their products as well. If you have any question regarding these ingredients, ask in comments.


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