Private label cosmetic manufacturers discussing organic cosmetics


The rise of organic products in cosmetic industry is driving the global cosmetics packaging market growth. Private label cosmetic manufacturers are here to discuss the key factors behind increasing demand for organic cosmetics range.

As per the latest report, the global cosmetic plastic packaging market will reach $19.22 billion by 2020. Currently its value is $14.8 billion and it is growing at a CAGR of 5.37%.

The three key trends that are driving more demands for sustainable cosmetic packaging are- demand for small sized packs, unit dose packs, and the emergence of organic cosmetics.

The demand for convenient packaging is the main driver of the market. Manufacturers of cosmetic products are making requests for packaging products that are made from easy-to-use materials that are simple to carry and dispose. Urbanization and more awareness about personal grooming have helped manufacturers in getting more consumers for cosmetics products.

Sustainable packaging:

Due to increased concerns about environment along with the need of reducing pollution, companies have to adopt recycling techniques. They need to recycle materials like plastics and resins derived from renewable resources.

All these factors are making vendors aware of the requirement of new materials and eco-friendly designs that encourage the least use of non-biodegradable materials.

Benefits of using organic makeup products:

There are numerous cosmetics we use- from face wash to moisturizer to perfume, we use them in our routine and leave them on skin for hours. Do you have any idea? What impact can these cosmetics put on your skin? Several cosmetics have carcinogenic, neurotoxic, and hormonal-disrupting ingredients.

Our skin has potential to absorb up to 60% of the cosmetic products. The extensive use of harmful chemical based cosmetics can lead to a chemical buildup in our body. This promotes major health problems. To avoid such health issues, manufacturers bring organic cosmetic range under private label.

There are numerous benefits of using organic cosmetic products.

  1. They lower the count of chemicals – Since the organic natural products are made of chemical free ingredients, you can live with healthy and happy looking skin.
  2. They are safer in use – There is no such side effect of natural products unless you are allergic to certain ingredient. So, organic products are safer to use.
  3. Effectiveness can be seen- Organic products are more effective and you can see results in limited time.

These are the reasons why organic products are now being prepared by private label cosmetic manufacturers under their brand.


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