How Cosmetics can Change the Look of a Person for Good?


Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder is a very famous phrase which is certainly quite true. However, now day natural beauty doesn’t exist as there are so many cosmetics available which can change the looks of a person. All you need are various kinds of cosmetics and a makeup artist.

Gone are those days when people could keep up with their natural complexion as there was nothing like pollution, stress and wrong lifestyle. People used to eat fresh, enjoy a stress free life and enjoyed a healthy diet which itself provided the much needed glow to the skin. However things are now changed and people are getting more and more stressed because of which they have developed dark circles around their eyes, due to unhealthy deep fired food ,young girls are now prone to pimples and acnes and due to unhealthy lifestyle ,hormonal and lifestyle problems are no more uncommon.

All these adversely affect the external beauty and these needs to be blended with the help of makeup and cosmetic. In fact wearing make-up has now become a trend and people from all walks of life are trying to blend makeup with their dresses keeping in mind the occasion. The rule of the book says that there is different kind of makeup techniques for day functions and day events, heavy and glossy makeup for evening events and pale and dull makeup for day events.

Keeping this in mind Cosmetic Manufacturers India are researching more and more about the cosmetics and makeups due to heavy and upcoming demand.

Well know TV personalities and Hollywood and Bollywood actors feel proud to be associated with well know brands of cosmetics as they are also a user of the same. There are many brands both Indian brands as well as international brand which have a heavy demand for them and is growing every single day.

Following are some of the cosmetics which are used by everybody almost every single day

  • Face cream-Face cream is used by everybody on a daily basis, it not only moisturises the skin but also nourishes them with important elements
  • Foundation-Foundation is sued to camouflage the scare and blemishes in order to provide an even tone
  • Eye shadow-Eye shadow is applied on eye lids to provide a special effect
  • Eye liner-Eye liners outline the yes and make the eyes look bigger and more prominent; there are different colours of eye liners available in the market
  • Lipstick-Lipstick is used to colour the lips and make them look fuller. There are different shades and colours of lipsticks available
  • Blush-blush is normally applied on cheek bones to accentuates the cheek bones and provide a rosy effect to the cheeks

Other than the makeup cosmetics, there are a lot of cosmetics which are used for making the skin supple and ravishing such as Moisturisers, Toner, Scrub, Face packs, Face masks, Hair masks, Essential oils which are used on a daily basis.

Makes sure that the cosmetics which are manufactured are gentle to the skin and does not adversely affect the skin, therefore they are tested and only supplied when they are quality assured and passed.


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