Is It Hazardous to Use Hydroquinone- What Cream Manufacturers Say?

hydroquinone cream

Hydroquinone is a compound used by manufacturing units to produce several skin products, which are targeted at customers who want to reduce dark spots, acne scars and other issues related to skin. The ingredient has been the controversial subject and many groups calling for the FDA to ban this compound. In some countries, it is already ban. But Hydroquinone Cream manufacturers say their products do not harm if used by people in limited or suggested quantity.

Infact, most of the skin lightening creams are having this component in the ingredient list. Hydroquinone is an effective ingredient for reducing and eliminating brown skin discolorations on skin, which is called as melasma.

Concentration is Important :

In different concentrations hydroquinone prevents skin from forming the enzyme that triggers melanin. Melanin is the chief pigment that darkens the skin. Manufacturers can use 0.5% to 2% concentrations of hydroquinone. At the pharmacy, 4% concentration of this component can be availed if your doctor has prescribed. 12% of concentration of hydroquinone prevents the production of melanin altogether.

Lack of Information is Dangerous :

Manufacturers say that lack of information is dangerous. If consumer is confused about the possible negative effects of hydroquinone product usage, it can be hazardous. They need to understand the benefits and disadvantages of this component for better results. Hydroquinone is used by cream manufacturers since 50 years and banning it just because consumers are lacking with facts is not a great idea.

Hydroquinone Dislikes Air :

If you store hydroquinone poorly like under direct sunlight or daily expose it to air, it can turn a strange shade of brown. You need to store your hydroquinone based cream or skin product in a non-transparent container that will protect it from direct sunlight and does not let air to enter. Manufacturers do not use jar type packaging for these products as once opened, they soon become ineffective.

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