DIY Homemade Advantageous Kajal Tutorial by Indian Cosmetics Manufacturers

Survey in India tells that 4 out of 5 women cannot live without Kohl or kajal. The black sooty mixture is available in the market under different brand names and cosmetics manufacturers in India. Lining the eyes with black kajal is a ritual followed by women and there is nothing wrong with it because kajal contains oil that is good for the eyes. But, in most of the brands, high proportion of chemicals is used to make kajal smudge-proof and long-lasting. If you talk about homemade or organic kajal, they do smudge but when it comes to healthy eyes, nothing can beat them.

Kajal- Cosmetics -Manufacturers

In this post, we will tell you a few interesting ways to prepare kajal at home-

Things require for preparing Kajal with vitamin E

  • 2 same size bowls
  • A small lamp with oil and a wick in it
  • A steel plate
  • Handful of almonds
  • Almond oil

Preparation method-

  • Burn the wick of lamp
  • Place the bowls on either side of it to make a stand for plate
  • Place the steel plate on top. Keep the plate closer to the flame
  • Now place an almond on the centre of the plate
  • It will take around 3 minutes to burn every almond
  • When all almonds are burnt, released oil will form the soot
  • Scrap out the soot with a sharp tool like knife and store in a clean container
  • Add a drop of almond oil and mix well
  • Your vitamin E rich kajal is ready for use.

You can also make it simple by using castor oil and excluding almonds. Rest everything will remain same. You need to burn lamp and apply castor oil on the plate and place it on the bowls. Heat up the plate for half an hour. Castor oil will burn and you will be able to scrap off the soot. You can store this in a container and use it like your regular kajal.

So, you now know two easy methods to prepare kajal at home. The organic or homemade kohl will smudge as it contains oil. For more info about cosmetics, contact cosmetics manufacturers in India today. Do feedback for this story. If you know more methods to prepare kohl at home, share it with other readers and followers.


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