Tips for Healthier Mouth in 2016 by Most Reputed Tooth Paste Manufacturers in India

Hello guys! If you wanted to get healthier in 2016 then you should follow few easy steps to improve your mouth health and body healthier.

  • Reduce fluoride exposure – If you have heard about fluoride, this is a popular substance that is responsible for tooth decay. However, tooth decay can be prevented with healthy diet and lifestyle but you also have to be cautious to stay healthier in 2016.


You should try to reduce exposure to fluoride that can be achieved with reverse osmosis process or distillation. Fluoride free water prevents tooth decay. In the same way, Zymo Herbal tooth paste manufacturers are making special product to control tooth decay and fluoride attack.

  • Dump your mouthwash now – One of the fascinating discoveries by medical expert is mouthwash that kills bacteria and germs inside your mouth. But it is sad part that mouthwashes kill healthy bacteria as well that is necessary to healthy living and disturbs your health completely. Better idea is to use herbal products made by reliable tooth paste manufacturers to keep your mouth healthier all the time.
  • Don’t brush hard – In the modern world, when everyone is in hurry we brush our teeth harder that is completely wrong. Hard brushing destroys your teeth enamel badly and makes them sensitive. You should always brush your teeth gently with extra soft bristles. Today, electric toothbrush are also available in market but they should not be used back and forth instead hold them for each tooth for few seconds only.
  • Use tongue cleaner – Most of the people don’t use tongue cleaner that is the biggest mistake committed by all of us. Only tooth brush cannot help you in keeping your mouth clean. The best idea is to use toothpaste and tongue cleaner together.

These are some tips that are shared by most reputed herbal tooth paste manufacturers in India to keep your mouth healthier in 2016. I hope you would surely like this blog for a happier year 2016 and keep your mouth germs and bacteria free all the time.


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